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Taken from: Why Do Good People Suffer Bad Things . . .

Excerpt 1: Life is Fragile

"Embracing life's fragility, however, will produce a different mindset—different thinking, actions, and choices—and awaken the desire to live a more meaningful life and one that really counts."

Excerpt 2: Life Lessons from The Book of Job

"Life can at times be complicated, unpredictable and throw you many unwanted and unexpected curve balls. It is important that you don’t concentrate on how hard you have been hit, but instead, focus on how you can bounce back from the hit."

Excerpt 3: Overcoming Life’s Challenges

"What looks like defeat, turns out to be victory. What looks like a death sentence, turns out to be life and peace. What looks like total failure, turns out to be a total success."

Excerpt 4: It’s All About Choices

"Consequently, if you want to move forward in your ability to make wise choices and to deal with the challenges, struggles, and opportunities of life in a healthy and productive manner, then you must be determined to buck the norm, to rise above the mediocre, to pull yourself out of the clinging, suffocating clay of the rigid mindset around you, and position yourself on higher ground and into a posture of growth."


















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